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Our periodical Linkages explores key land use issues related to the design of vibrant human communities, avoiding urban/suburban sprawl, conservation of wildlife habitat and biodiversity; and the conservation of agriculture. Most issues have a special focus, as well as more general articles and occasional book reviews. There are now three columns, Planning for Quality of Life, Needs of Nature, and Sustaining Agriculture, and also News from IEH. Most issues have an Information Resources section, with details about pertinent books, reports and web sites, while individual articles include lists of key reading and web sites.

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Issue #16, Fall 2004
Special focus: Regionalism and Land Use

Central Coast Bioregion: Land Use Issues in a Spectacular Landscape
Recent Events May Spur Flood Control Reforms
Lessons from San Diego Fires
Brief Updates:-
   Draft Vernal Pool Ecosystems Recovery Plan
   Linking Funding for Transportation and Habitat

Planning for Quality of Life - Zoning Codes for Smart Growth
Sustaining Agriculture - Musings of a Rancher and the Public Access Issue

Information Resources:
Riparian Areas
Issue #15, Fall 2003
Special focus: Regionalism and Land Use

Grappling with Regional Growth,
Will Regional Thinking Become Important in Land-use Decision Making?
Planning for a Floodplain: Southern California’s Santa Clara River

Needs of Nature - Providing for the Needs of Nature at the Regional Scale
Planning for Quality of Life - It is Time to Fix the Local Government Fiscal Crisis
Sustaining Agriculture - California and the World Agriculture Crisis

Information Resources:
Smart Growth Zoning Codes; Measuring Sprawl and its Impact; Drafting a Conservation Blueprint; Riparian Areas; California Metropatterns; Investing in a Sustainable Future; Atlas of the Biodiversity of California
Issue #14, Spring 2003
Special focus: Conservation Planning

Regional Conservation Planning Takes Hold Across California and Other Western States
Making Regional Conservation Planning Work - from Stakeholders to Science
Adaptive Management, the Future of Habitat Conservation Planning
Floodplain Management for the 21st Century

Planning for Quality of Life - Designing New Neighborhoods and Assessing Impacts
Sustaining Agriculture - The Farm Economy Crisis

Information Resources
Smart Growth Online; Farmland Protection Action Guide
Issue #13, Summer 2002
Special focus: Making Smart Growth Work

Overcoming Obstacles to Smart Growth
Design and Location: Making Infill Happen
Linkages Between Rural Land Conservation and Smart Growth in Cities
California Legislative Update
Review - Local Politics of Global Sustainability

Needs of Nature - Large-scale Connectivity
Sustaining Agriculture - New Farm Bill Expands Conservation Programs

Information Resources:
Confronting Suburban Decline; When City and County Collide; Solving Sprawl; Sprawl Hits the Wall; Agricultural Easements
Issue #12, Fall 2001
Special focus: Rural Land Stewardship

Ecological Benefits from Rural Land Stewardship
Incentive Programs for Agricultural Land Stewardship
Providing for Nature in Cropland and Rangeland Landscapes

Needs of Nature - The Importance of Context
Planning for Quality of Life - A Renaissance for Mixed Use Development
Sustaining Agriculture - a New Column
Issue #11, Spring 2001
Land People and Nature - a Paradigm for the 21st Century
Reinventing LAFCO’s - the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000
Smart Growth Proposals Abound in Legislative and Ballot Measures
Review - The Regional City

Planning for Quality of Life - Land / Human Values in Northern New Mexico
Issue #10, Fall 2000
Special Focus: Land Use - Water Linkages

Water and Land Use
Watershed Management - Linking Land and Water
Managing Stormwater Runoff in Urban Watersheds
The High Risks of Building in California’s Floodplains
Water Supply and Growth
UC Merced – a Growing Controversy
Reviews - Land Use Planning and Management in California

Planning for Quality of Life - California’s Growth & Air Quality Challenge
Needs of Nature – The Importance of Large Rural Landscapes

Information Resources:
Smart Growth Case Studies; Restoring North America’s Birds; Planning California Governance for the 21st Century
Issue #9, Winter 2000
Special Focus: The Future of our Rural Landscapes

Can Our Rural Landscapes Survive the 21st Century?
Congress Struggles with Funding for Land Conservation
Conserving Wildlife Habitat in the Sierra Nevada Foothills
Some Landowner Incentives for Rural Land Protection
Can Local Plans Effectively Govern Land Use?
Review - Shaping the Sierra

Planning for Quality of Life - Investment and Metropolitan Growth
Needs of Nature - New Column

Information Resources:
For the Health of the Land; Planning for Biodiversity; Smart Growth Network; Smart Investments; Smart Public Investments; California Farmland and Urban Pressures; Agricultural Land Conservation.
Issue #8, Spring 1999
Special Focus: Grappling with Growth, Part III

The Case for Urban Villages
The Transylvanian Agro-City : Design Ideas for Urban Housing in California’s Central Valley
Restoring Main Street
Water Supply and Growth : a Groundswell in the California Legislature

Planning for Quality of Life - New Column

Information Resources:
Alternatives to Sprawl; New Directions in Growth Management; Open Space Conservation; Once There Were Greenfields; The Transit Metropolis; Land Use and the California Economy
Issue #7, Fall 1998
Special Focus: Grappling with Growth, Part II

Grappling with Growth : Solutions for the 21st Century
Using Transfer of Development Rights to Put Growth Where it Belongs
Curbing Sprawl : Need for Vision and a Regional Perspective
Building Livable Communities - the Role of Infill Development

Information Resources:
Agricultural Task Force Report
Issue #6, Spring 1998
Special Focus: Grappling with Growth, Part I.

Grappling with Growth - a Silicon Valley Business View
Shifting Attitudes for Sprawling Development Portent Major Changes in the Politics of Growth
The Smart Growth Movement
New Leadership for Sustainable Land Use in California
The Role of LAFCO’s in California’s Growth
Review: Growth Management in America

Information Resources:
Developing a Vision for Your Area
Issue #5, Fall 1997
Special Focus: Conservation Planning

Can we Make Conservation Planning Work in California?
Perspectives on Conservation Planning
Natural Community Conservation Planning - a 1997 Interim Report
Conservation Banks : Regional Planning’s Newest Tool
Review: Science and Conservation Planning

Information Resources:
Nature’s Services; Preserving Working Ranches in the West; Planning for Prosperity
Issue #4, Spring 1997
Special Focus: Flooding and Land Use in California

Changing Flood Management to Prevent Future Disasters
Flood Management and Ecological Enhancement Goals on the Cosumnes River
San Joaquin River Possibilities and Southern California Constraints
Is Ventura County Getting Serious About Saving Farmland?

Information Resources:
The New Urbanism; On Borrowed Land; Biodiversity in Managed Landscapes; California Rivers and Streams, the Conflict Between Fluvial Process and Land Use
Issue #3, Fall 1996
Special Focus: Sierra Foothills and SNEP Report

What is the Future of the Sierra Foothills?
Politics of Growth in Tuolumne County
Sierra Foothill Biodiversity - from Peril to Conservation
The SNEP report
Sierra Wealth Index Links Economy and Ecology
The Sierra Nevada Alliance
Barriers to Livable Communities Hasten Urban Sprawl

Information Resources:
Land Use in America; Transportation, Land Use and Sustainability; Lost Landscapes and Failed Economies; Reader on Urban Growth Boundaries; Transportation-Related Land Use Strategies;
A Planner’s Guide for Oak Woodlands.
Issue #2, Spring 1996
Special Focus: The Central Valley

The Central Valley Needs a Vision
Providing for Nature in the Central Valley
Key Protected Areas and Conservation Projects in the Central Valley
The San Joaquin River Parkway - an Ongoing Success Story
Watershed Management in Central Valley Farmland

Information Resources:
Land Mosaics, Ecology of Landscapes and Regions; Building Livable Communities; Sustainable America; Balancing the Scales, Bioregional Management; Alternatives for Future Urban Growth in California’s Central Valley; Making Land Use Work; California Rivers and Streams, the Conflict Between Fluvial Process and Land Use; Myths of Jobs Resources; Curtin’s California Land Use and Planning Law; Understanding Development Regulations; CNPS Inventory of Rare and Endangered Vascular Plants of California
Issue #1, Fall 1995
Looking to Our Future
Wildlife Habitat and Clean Farming can be Compatible
What Future for the Santa Clara River?
Building Livable Communities
Protecting Biodiversity

Information Resources:
Maintaining Ecological Integrity in Representative Reserve Networks; California Water 2020, a Sustainable Vision

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