Conservation of agricultural lands and the agricultural economy, wildlife habitat, biodiversity and ecosystem functions, are inextricably linked to the design of human communities. The Institute for Ecological Health promotes the conservation of rural landscapes, Smart Growth, an end to urban-suburban sprawl, and a Land Ethic for the 21st Century.

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About IEH Our programs and the 21st Century Land Ethic.
IEH Periodical Our periodical Linkages explores land use, community design and the conservation of Nature and Agriculture. You can download back issues.
Smart Growth & Sprawl An end to 50 years of land-consuming metropolitan sprawl requires changes in community design that provide vibrant, livable communities. Examine new ways to grow for a higher quality of life.
Conservation Planning Regional-scale conservation planning for imperiled species and natural communities is spreading across California. HCPs and NCCPs must be based on sound science and involve stakeholders in their development and implementation. Information and guidance.
Conserving Rural Landscapes The future of our rural landscapes depends on the protection of agricultural lands, maintaining the economic viability of farming and ranching, wildlife friendly farming, and curbing ranchette sprawl. Key issues and needs.
Floodplain Management Floodplains are critical for functioning river and stream systems, wildlife and agriculture. But all too often, sprawling development consumes floodplains and leaves future residents at risk. Reform of floodplain management is essential.
Regionalism Regional, multi-county approaches to land use and biological conservation are key to the 21st Century Land Ethic, but run counter to cherished local government prerogatives.
Sacramento Region Growth, sprawl and land conservation are key issues in the rapidly growing six county region. Current trends, issues and solutions.
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