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The Institute for Ecological Health relies on contributions from individuals for much of its funding. We hope you will wish to join us. With your assistance we can effectively educate and advocate for solutions to the pressing problems of sprawling development, and the conservation of rural landscapes, wildlife habitat and family farming and ranching. Linkages, this Web site, and most of our other program activities are all supported by membership donations. Membership will also ensure that you receive future issues of Linkages promptly upon publication.

Please print and fill out in this membership form and mail to IEH with your tax-deductible contribution.

Yes, I want to join IEH and support your programs.
Here is my tax-deductible contribution of:

__$20.00 (Supporter) __$35.00 (Contributor) __$50.00 (Sponsor)
__$100.00 (Benefactor) __$250.00 (Patron) __$500.00 (Associate)

Please make your check payable to IEH and mail to:
IEH, 409 Jardin Place, Davis, CA 95616

Many thanks for your support !

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